• The Verge price is on continual ups and downs, as seen from the 5-days chart, due to the bearish sentiment ruling high in the market.

Verge is a platform known for its secure and anonymous transactions. The price of the Verge has been severely affected by the crypto market fluctuations, showing a downtrend. Verge, even with its unique features has not been able to take its price to the upper level and seems to have accepted its bearish fate in the short-run.

Latest Statistics of Verge Coin:

As on July 11, 2019, at 4:47:54 UTC, current statistics are as below:

  • Verge price is currently trading at $0.007065
  • The Market Cap is around $104,346,063
  • 24-hour volume is at $3,670,575
  • ROI is > 9000 % at a healthy Circulating supply of 15,815,435,319 XVG

XVG to USD Price Comparison

The price comparison for Verge over the past 5 days shows a lot of volatility. From a low of $0.00714884 on July 05, the price had rallied to $0.008085 on July 07 in a span of 1d 6h 30m, showing an upward variation of 13.2%. From here the price kept on going downwards and reached $0.007086 on July 09 within 2d 7h 25m, the variation being to the extent of $12.03%. XVG price managed to rise by $0.0078352 on July 10 in 1d 5h 35m to the extent of 10.53%. Today the price has lowered to the extent of 8.97%, indicating that though the price has been moving in the range of $0.0071 – 0.0081 for some time, the bearish sentiments in the crypto market are not allowing the prices of Verge to rise higher and keep pulling it back to the lower zone.

Verge Price Prediction:

Verge, a popular coin with the user, has been having a harrowing time with respect to its price as a result of the crypto market downturn. Yesterday- July 10, the market was again showing the bear momentum, pushing the price of altcoins down further. Experts feel that the bears are in no mood to compromise and let the bulls take charge, and this trend is expected to continue well into the year-end. The price of the Verge is expected to take a further beating.


Investors should not think of any form of investment in this market volatility. With bears having the upper hand, there is a greater chance of the market showing greater volatility in the days to come.


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