Money Expo has announced its next edition, Money Expo India 2023. It will be held in Mumbai (India) from August 12, 2023, at 10 a.m. to August 13, 2023, at 6 p.m. IST. The two-day event will focus on having productive conferences about forex, commodities, and fintech in general.

Additionally, this year’s edition will feature a discussion on cryptocurrency at the Jio World Convention Center. The team has assured to host the content-rich keynote session to understand the dynamics of the market. This event is a must-attend because participants will get a chance to expand their networks by connecting with specialists from different fields, including some of the top forex brokers.

Money Expo India 2023 is estimated to attract 2,000 visitors and 100 exhibitors. Tickets can be purchased, with the option to register for the event on LinkedIn. Visitors’ tickets for Money Expo India 2023 are available for free, but they restrict entry to only the stalls set up at the venue.

Money Expo India 2023 is being organized by Trasol, and it is likely to see many participants as investors, affiliates, and traders.

Money Expo, in general, is the largest gathering of the fintech community. It is organized every year, giving everyone a platform to share their insights about the industry and the changes that it is going through. Moreover, the focus is primarily on understanding the developments in fintech.

This year is likely to be a bit different since blockchain is being introduced. Needless to say, cryptocurrency will be discussed at Money Expo 2023. This makes it a rather more important event for everyone.

A list of forex events is ready for the current year. All of them are likely to talk about blockchain and crypto. Not just India, but almost all the major countries in the world are hosting such events. A great job indeed, since this will help everyone learn about the financial sector from the experts while exploring the possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The fact that experts come to the event to interact with the crowd makes them extraordinary.

Money Expo India 2023 marks the commitment to talk more about the financial sector and fintech sector, with the special inclusion of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Similar events are being organized across India with the objective of spreading knowledge about digital assets. People can attend those events to learn and build a network with experts. Some of the events even aim to get everyone on the same page about making India a larger economy by contributing in any way possible..

Events like Money Expo India see attendance in the thousands, but they do have a meaningful impact. Most of the participants take home the willingness to drive their ventures to greater heights.


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