Moneythor, digital banking software company, headquartered in Singapore is the only startup company to be included in the Mastercard Start Path program list.

On Tuesday, 9th July Moneythor digital banking software service provider informed about latest development news. The startup firm has been picked to join the Mastercard Start Path program.

The Mastercard Start Path program is associated with Mastercard Labs, which is an important branch of the company’s R&D that seeks to revolutionize payment solutions.

Moneythor is the only Singapore based startup firm to be selected for the program. Another startup company selected to join the Mastercard Start Path program is Nuclei. Nuclei- headquartered at Bangalore, India, a startup firm that develops an omnichannel virtual banking platform.

Moneythor Fintech Startup Firm Incorporation

Moneythor startup firm was established in 2013. A 6-year old company that focuses on providing smart and contextual virtual banking for users. Moneythor also provides advanced marketing and analytic tools for financial organizations.

Products of Moneythor are provided as APIs (Application Program Interface) that allows banks and fintech companies to enhance their operations and user experience of their services related to digital banking.

Out of 10 global later stage startup firm, Moneythor is one of them to be selected to join the path program and the foremost Singapore based fintech startup to be added in the list.

Some of the important clients of Moneythor digital banking software provider are CIMB, ANZ, Raiz, Standard Chartered, Orange Bank, Credit Mutuel Arke, and DBS Bank.

Moneythor has its office located in Singapore and Paris.

About Mastercard Start Path Program

Mastercard Start Path program was initially launched in 2014. Ever since its launch, the program has collaborated with around 200 startup firms. They have all together managed to raise a fund of worth US $1.4 billion through funding rounds.

Mastercard Start Path is an award-winning program that allows later stage technology startup firms to grow significantly by accessing Mastercard technologies. The program allows startups firms to connect with overseas organizations and assist in introducing to Mastercard expert teams within the financial services and payments companies.

Mastercard Start Path aims at later stage fintech startup firms and also supports them to scale across new opportunities and markets.

Moneythor, in a press statement, revealed that the objective of the startup company is to “further expand its footprint in its existing markets as well as bring its intelligent data-driven banking capabilities to new territories.” And the company is trying to achieve this objective by joining the Mastercard Start Path program.


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