Fxpunch.com Team

Albert Farrar
Albert Farrar is a tech analyst and enjoys working with numbers and statistics values. He writes finance blogs and works as a price analyst news writer in our team.
Brian Houston
Brian Houston has keen interest in cryptocurrencies and actively participates in cryptocurrency exchanges. He also writes informative blogs on cryptocurrency exchanges. He works as a crypto news writer in our team.
Charisse Rowe
Charisse Rowe is a finance news writer and expertises in delivering new and unique content. She writes latest finance news-stories fxpunch.com. She has keen interest in reading finance magazines.
James Turner
James Turner a forex analyst works as a forex news writer for our team. He also writes forex related content for many business magazines. He loves to travel and explore new things.
Linda Brindley
Linda Brindley is a journalist and expertises in tech news-stories. She works as a tech news writer in our team. She also guides people dealing with finance issues via her finance blogs.
Shirley Ratliff
Shirley Ratliff is a content writer and leads our forex news writers team. She has great idea of finance market. She loves reading novels in her free time.