No doubt cryptocurrency has been revolutionizing the entirety of the financial sector ever since its inception. Now, the blockchain has transcended its so-called intended purpose and is reaching into various aspects of our lifestyle. NFTs, for example, are developing faster than anything in the current technologized world. But there is a criticism that these developments overtly stay on one end while the other end hardly gets to use these opportunities.

LeBron James has joined hands with to help children from his hometown, Akron, pursue a career in this revolutionary sector involving cryptocurrencies. We do not know much about the subtleties of the project as of now, but it is expected to go on for many years. The partnership between and LeBron James does not just stop with the 1600 children from his foundation as it also extends towards their family. The programs and events would try to inform the families of the children about this potential field and intends to create a supportive environment for them to explore their passion for technology.

The kids from LeBron’s neighborhood will now explore the possibilities of the metaverse and learn about the decentralized finance system. The programs offered will not be superficial and will help them get an idea about the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies. Enabling the possibilities for diploma and college degrees in the respective streams will be the most important aspect of this program. James seemed pleased to see new gates opening up for the students of the community during the interview.

This partnership deal by with LeBron James sets a milestone for other projects to follow. The deal has a noble cause that tries to include even the remotest of the communities under its wing to reap the benefits of this revolutionary field. CEO Kris Marszalek from expressed how glad he is to join hands with the foundation of the NBA star to contribute to and continue the great services they are providing for the community. Firstly, the Tangier restaurant, near LeBron’s I Promise School, will be renovated and used for activities related to the foundation. will continue to allocate necessary resources to provide the tools and infrastructures for education and training in the community. Upon the success of the model, it will be implemented in other communities to replicate the success. Educational opportunities and financial freedom are considered the prime motto of this initiative by’s growth has been accelerated by a number of factors. The cryptocurrency platform is also counting on a number of projects to help it grow in popularity and acceptance in the future. is identifying with current sports ideals in order to get its brand out there. CRO is expected to range between $0.6073 and $0.8931 in April. The uptrend is likely to continue in May and June. Within this period, CRO could reach a maximum price of $0.9089. The forecasted average price in June is $0.7271. You can get more details here about CRO’s potential.


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