Earlier, a source reported that Iran criticized the US for stopping their crypto mining activities, but now Iran seems to have a bigger barrier for crypto mining activities in the nation, and their internal government is to be criticized for it.

A customs administration agency of Iran has not given licenses for importing cryptocurrency mining devices in the country, because it does not have permission from the government.

It seems the government of Iran still does not have a positive outlook for the emerging technology cryptocurrency.

On Sunday, 21st July Tehran based news agency, Mehr revealed, the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration’s (IRICA) Deputy President, Jamal Arounaghi mentioned that the customs administration had not issued licenses of any kind for importing digital currency mining equipment’s, however it will issue the license only when the government permit them. Once the government sends them a green signal only then they will create related operations.

Digital currency mining device is completely banned in Iran. However, IRICA has considered a tariff rate for the crypto device. As of now, IRICA has included the digital currency mining device under computers and central processors group and have a constant rate on its import device. Jamal clearly mentioned that just because the crypto mining equipment has a fixed tariff rate, does not indicate that it’s authorized by the state or legal. For instance, he said IRICA has traffic plans for some illicit drugs.

In July, a crypto source reported that officials of Iran are struggling with maximum people shifting to Bitcoin mining and adapting it to deal with the US sanction.

The community across the world believes that Iran has been adopting digital currency mining in order to avoid the heavy sanction imposed on the country by the United States.  While on the other side, delay in the government of authorizing the import of crypto mining devices reports different news.

The US sanction has greatly impacted the economy of Iran.

Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, Iran’s Minister for Information and Communications Technology earlier informed that Iran has become ‘heaven for miners,’ further said that

 “The business of ‘mining’ is not forbidden in law, but the government and the Central Bank have ordered the Customs Bureau to ban the import of [mining machines] until new regulations are introduced.”

Now, we need to see if Iran’s government will change its decision on cryptocurrency in the coming days or the government is playing a trick to make the global community believe that authorities view on crypto mining is still negative.


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