Taking pride in being one of the most sorted media and news platform powered by the blockchain technology, Bitwires has added another auspicious achievement to its credit as it has been elected as MDUKEY’s official Mainnet Validator. MDUKEY serves as a renowned blockchain-powered data privacy firm that offers efficient drainage services and private data transaction-based tools for catering the requirements of small and medium business entities.

According to the official report, the unprecedented popularity, trust, and outreach of the Bitwires network are likely to pave the success route for MDUKEY customers. Bitwires will work as MDUKEY’s ecosystem validator and will render the latter with world-class ecosystem maintenance services for the Mainnet. While being one of the nodes of the MDUKEY network, Bitwires will enhance the security, transparency, efficiency, and stability of the overall MDUKEY’s core ecosystem.

MDUKEY has become a hot-shot solution for a huge customer base hailing from across the world. The platform employs the excellence of blockchain technology to transform privacy, security, transparency, and personal rights into digital identities. The network strives to end the monopoly of online traffic and aspires to become a leader in the blockchain-based media solutions industry.

On the other hand, Bitwires shines as the No.1 rank holder in the field of blockchain media streaming in the Asia-pacific region. At present, Bitwires has been home to more than 2000 blockchain projects; nearly 3 million APPs have been downloaded and installed on the network. While serving a strong community of over 7.5 million users, the platform has become the master node of an array of public chain projects, including ONT, TRX, HPB, etc. The firm has established a strong media matrix enveloping a majority of geographical locations.


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