The social media token, ARRO, aims to resolve the need for decentralized and secure cryptocurrencies. The system makes sure that ownership of content and data remains with its creators.

ARRO pays social media users for viewing and using social media. Users get ARRO tokens for simply watching advertisements or posting. The system makes sure that ownership of data and content stays with its creators. XWallet app and XPOS platform will list the ARRO tokens. ARRO is a distributor of XPOS in the US. If ARRO exists in XPOS devices, people can use them in real brick and mortar stores globally. President of Arro Universal, Phil Simpkins, says that Arro on XPOS is a practical way for users to spend their tokens on numerous services and goods. Having ARRO on their platform, XPOS and XWallet get an opportunity to reach a much broader audience. Arro Social will only multiply the effect with its social media element for both XWallet and XPOS users. Arro Social has aimed to revolutionize how users use social media, giving ownership to users. Arro Universal and Arro Social work together to distribute the Arro tokens, which they can use for several services and goods.

According to Zac Cheah, Pundi X CEO and Co-Founder, the Pundi X and Arro Social collaboration have democratized social media and finance. Arro not only puts user data in the users’ hands but also rewards them financially, which other platforms do not, announcing the power of cryptocurrency. ARRO token is a digital asset of ERC-20, listed with Pundi X Open Platform. The Pundi X Open Platform helps digital asset issuers, blockchain developers, and businesses to put their digital assets on the payment ecosystem of Pundi X, along with XPOS, XWallet, and XPASS cards. It further enables merchants and developers to put out their digital assets for many online and offline payment situations. The Open Platform currently supports the BEP2 and ERC20 tokens and eventually will most probably expand its services to digital assets of additional blockchains.


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