The Crypto Digital Space Conference to be held at the Downtown Conference Center in New York on 17th of May 2019 will feature a premier speaker lineup of renowned cryptocurrency and technology experts that will cover a great range of innovative and exploratory topics, as well as the surging questions pulsing throughout the cryptomarkets today. The event will be hosted by the international financial consultancy company Storm-7 Consulting in partnership with the boutique market intelligence firm OTC Partners.

The attendees will be provided with an examination of the latest Cryptocurrency strategic implications, trends, investment strategies, investment factors and cryptocurrency usages and will benefit from a much more in-depth understanding of how Cryptocurrencies operate, the risks involved and the upcoming regulatory developments.

During the four sessions, the conference will explore in-depth areas such as the efficiencies within the global digital currency markets, the opportunities of dislocated markets, the challenges and solutions of maintaining consistent liquidity within turbulent digital markets, the technology solutions for delivering and managing digital assets and navigating the digital asset marketplace; the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and the Cryptocurrency markets and many others.

The speakers include:

  • Robert Savage – CEO, CCTrack Solutions, LLC
  • Zura Kakushadze – Ph.D., CEO, Quantigic® Solutions. Author, “151 Trading Strategies”
  • Vladimir Danishevsky – Head of Corporate Bonds Flow eTrading IT, Citi
  • Michael Petersohn – Co-Founder, ARC FinTech
  • Garrett Nenner – Global Head of Trading Product, Linedata
  • Biser Dimitrov – Former Technology Director, BlockEx
  • Eugene Lee – CFA, Co-Founder and Partner, Digital Mosaic Capital
  • Jim Kyung-Soo Liew – Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Co-Founder,
  • Brian Koralewski – Partner, Austere Capital
  • Mark Goldman – Principal, Zash
  • Bryan Feinberg – CEO/Founder, Etheralabs/Plato Technologies Inc. and Plato Search Inc.
  • Gabe Frank – Institutional Custody and Cryptocurrency Security, BitGo
  • Haim Bodek – Managing Principal, Decimus Capital Markets
  • Wilfred Daye – Head of Financial Markets, OK Coin
  • Richard Rothenberg – Executive Director, Global A.I. Corp
  • Ron Quaranta – Chairman and CEO, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
  • Sol Steinberg – Founding Partner, OTC Partners

The event promises to provide a perfect opportunity for networking during the extensive Networking Breakfast, Refreshment, Lunch Breaks and Post Event Drinks Reception, especially because it will be attended by a significant number of industry professionals and enthusiasts, such as blockchain experts, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, banking professionals, compliance analysts, financial technology (FinTech) and regulatory technology (RegTech) professionals and others.

Sol Steinberg, Founding Partner of OTC Partners and host of the event notes: “The conference is a must for all professionals that are dealing with or are interested in the Cryptocurrency field, as it will provide unique and unprecedented insights. I am certain it will provide one of the most perceptive analysis reviews of the Cryptocurrency landscape available anywhere.”

To see the full agenda of the event and other further details please visit


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