DevOps | Scale | Velocity in the Financial Industry 

Frankfurt, Germany | March 19 – 20, 2020: fin:CODE is Europe’s unique event mainly focused on addressing the challenges that banks, asset management firms and insurance companies are experiencing when adopting and scaling DevOps at an enterprise level. At our 4th annual edition in 2020, 100 software development experts and DevOps geeks representing Euro Stoxx 50 companies will unveil their journey to Continuous Delivery and Microservices with precise insights into best practices and tooling strategies. 

Debate the most pressing challenges and solutions, such as software development, DevOps technologies, tools and methods to optimize teams and pipelines in more than 10 interactive workshops! More than 100 senior- level executives and leading professionals discuss challenges and solutions, technologies, trends and best practice innovations in the field of DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Software development.

Key Topics in 2020: 

  • DevOps: Impacting customer experience, productivity, costs & profitability, speed & application delivery by using Continuous Delivery
  • GitOps & Kubernetes: Ensuring best practices for cloud native deployment, management and monitoring
  • Organizational Cultural Change: Scale DevOps at an enterprise level by addressing barriers to cultural change
  • Continuous Deployment: Keeping up your documentation process along with the pace of deployments
  • Microservices & Containers: Improved scalability and better fault isolation
  • Cloud, Edge, Serverless Computing: How is DevOps playing a key role in cloud migration and application scalability
  • DevSecOps: How to make DevOps and Security run in the same sprint
  • Automation/Testing: From Unit and integration tests to functional testing
  • APIs: Leveraging an API strategy with DevOps
  • AI & Machine Learning: Hype or Truth? The democratisation of Artificial Intelligence for DevOps

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Multi-Touchpoint Concept 

we.CONECT has established new conversational processes like world cafés, bar camps, open space and more than 20 interactive formats which are based on scientific principles. The formats are intended to facilitate open and intimate discussion, and link ideas within a larger group to access the “collective intelligence” or “collective wisdom”. This Multi-Touchpoint Concept is module-based to fit the needs of the conference attendees. In addition to traditional formats like keynotes, use cases and solution studies, the concepts opens up room for deep driving discussions, networking and knowledge transfer.

About we.CONECT: The we.CONECT business event portfolio offers business leaders from all over the world exclusive content, leads & business communities to gather information, share knowledge, network with peers and find solutions for their business critical challenges of today and tomorrow. It makes us particularly proud to be able to open you up to a new world of networking with other global players and niche businesses.


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