For new traders, it’s great news that the count of online brokers is increasing with time. With the increase in number, the competition between them has increased significantly, making things better for traders. Now the online trading platforms are available at affordable costs and great features. GigaFX is one of the best brokers. The broker has done a great job of offering the best trading conditions to its traders. And because of which it now has expanded its services in over 60 countries.

GigaFX is one of the most popular online brokers of the world, which is loved by the traders of more than 60 countries. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it operates by following the KYC and AML norms strictly. Also, it highly focused on keeping the funds of the traders safe and secure.


  1. Multiple accounts.
  2. Massive list of tradable assets.


  1. More withdrawal time.

Reliability –The first thing that a trader should look for is the reliability of the company. The best part about GigaFX is that it has made its presence in over 60 countries, which makes it one of the most trusted online brokerage firms. Below, par services will not make it grow so fast in so many countries. Due to the extraordinary and speedy trading services, the firm has reached to every corner of the world.

Are Funds Safe with GigaFX?

It focuses on making its trading platform safe and secure for its traders. The strict compliance to KYC and AML policies prevent illegal entities from signing up with the firm. A trader when signing up has to submit his basic details, including name, email ID, contact number, residential proof, and identification proof. In addition, the user has to give his name and the country’s name before making any deposits in his account. The firm has introduced such measures to prevent the money launderers from using fake identification information for signing up with the firm.

GigaFX - Trading Account

Trading platform – A trader needs a trading platform that is easy to use and available in every internet-enabled device so that he can get access to his trades whenever he likes. GigaFX offers the MT4 trading platform to its traders, which is highly popular and loved the trading platform. The trading platform offered by GigaFX is available on all the devices like desktop, mobile, and tablets so that traders can trade anywhere and anytime he likes. The web trader equipped with many features and analytical tools to increase the chance of the trader to earn profit from trading. The mobile platform also packed with all the similar desktop features and tools like charts and graphs. The best part is that the mobile trading platform can work on any type of mobile device, including Android and iOS.

Multiple Accounts – The firm enables the traders to choose from many of their account options. All the account has different features, and each account holder gets access to primary education. The firm also provides an account manager to offer proper guidance to the traders. The account will also have an expert advisor to provide the traders with profitable trades.

GigaFX: Multiple Trading Accounts

Convenience – Some of the online brokers provide the small leverage of just 1:10 or 1:20, but GigaFX allows you to trade with leverage as high as 1:200. It’s important to understand that trading with leverage comes with high chances of risk. One should be very cautious while starting trading with leverage. Another benefit of trading with GigaFX is that one doesn’t have to pay a commission on the trades. Trading with a commission is one of the most expensive ways of trading. With it, one only needs to worry about the spreads. Also, spreads fixed if you have signed up with the basic accounts.

Payment – There are several ways to deposit funds in your account. A trader can pick any method he likes to deposit the funds in his account, i.e., via an online payment method or credit/debit card. GigaFX supports MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa, and many more. Multiple payment options are suitable for all kinds of traders from different backgrounds. The broker also supports digital coin deposits. A trader can deposit the funds in his account by using his crypto wallets, which means he doesn’t need to exchange his digital assets.

Tradable assets – GigaFX offers a wide range of tradable assets to its traders, and it keeps on updating its lists of assets so that a trader can trade in whatever asset he likes. The cryptocurrencies traded against USD, which is one of the most stable currencies of the world.

GigaFX Reviews: Our Conclusion

GigaFX is offering the convenience of trading to its traders. Form offering security of the funds to providing exceptional customer support, the firm takes good care of its traders. Sign-up with it and start trading with minimum deposits.


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